A golden brown leaf floating on a black lake. As Darkness returns, devouring the light
As warmth retreats, like birds taking flight.

My body is plagued, with exhaustion and pain.
Deathstroke from my brother–
I’m Abel, he’s Cain.

It stumbles and trips, and falls to the ground.
It grows heavy and weak, and I sense every pound.

Paralyzed and still…

Motionless peace…
When sounds and desires all start to cease.

“Be gracious with me.”
“Be patient…and kind.”

“I’ll be strong again, bouyant…
and ready…
with time.”

I listen and pause…to my breathing,
to my bleeding…
The trickling smooth wetness, that blends with the evening.

My brother approaches, but so does the last Summer Wind.
It carries me to shelter, like an old faithful friend.

“You’ve done much, you have grown.”
“You’ve worked hard, spirit shown.”

We agree…We comply.
We will rest.
We will die.

Weave new bone and sinew.
We will sleep, and renew.

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