Uriel aka Uri Frazier, looking downwards, wearing shades in Portland, OR. He's wearing a My Hero Academia t-shirt. Hello, hello! My name is Uri. This is my site. This is an Octopus that likes to draw. 🐙

Okay, okay. Seriously though - I’m an artist and web designer / developer working in the lovely Portland, Oregon metro area. I enjoy ecstatic dance, anime, sci-fi, fantasy, manga, comics, running, learning languages, and playing with my kiddos.

Right now I’m focused on a new journey: diving deep into visual arts, storytelling and poetry.

Deep ocean with sunlight filtering through from above.

Site Goals & Porpoise

My goal for this website is multi-faceted and includes:

  • Bringing joy and entertainment through art, poetry, music and other creative endeavors.
  • Creating a delightful web experience.
  • Providing a way for people (like you, dear reader) to easily contact me, request my services, and buy cool, geeky products.

At the end o’ the day…

At any rate, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my site! Feel free to leave me feedback - good or bad. 🫣😁

With love, Uriel