'Ci Scambieremo Un Unico Bagliore' a painting by Mirko Rossi. Two abstract beings connected at their heads, made up of and surrounded by colorful flora. Are weā€¦soulmates?
Perhaps we lived together in another lifeā€¦
Or perhaps we were the same being, a billion light-years away.

Twins, separated at birth - made from the same spirit.
The baker, saved part of the dough mass
Then returned and formed me - just one week later.

ā€œA day for a year, a day for a year. ā€œ
Or something like thatā€¦

So when we dance, it just makes sense. We orbit each other, we fuse and combine.
Returning to our original state, into something more divine.
Or perhaps more earthlyā€¦?

Best friendsā€¦siblingsā€¦lovers, life-partnersā€¦who can know, who can tell?
When weavers began, what was their spell?
Thereā€™s certainly one way to find outā€¦

Freedom, joy, love and play.
Heartbreak and tears, growing and learning.
All features, no bugs. Light touches and yearningā€¦and hugsā€¦
And everything else.

ā€œTo live will be an awfully big adventureā€
And so it has been, and so it will be.

But I canā€™t help wondering, if itā€™s just startingā€¦for me.

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