A pinkish purplish starry nebula. My spirit yearns…my heart quakes.
My body trembles…my being shakes.

I charge, and stumble, I grasp and I reach.
I swim through the waves, my eyes fixed on the beach.

There’s power…and wonder…and magic in love.
It’s a spirit, a flame, a dragon, a dove.

It draws me, it calls - an irresistible pull.
“It will fill me” I think…It will help me feel full.

Dripping and gasping - I’ve made it on shore.
I consume it, I drink, yet panting for more.

The sun shines…the rays cascade.
The wind sings…love’s a blade.

Tired now, drifting, into sweet sleep…
It cuts me, I bleed. Yet, I want it that way.

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